Naveen: 90-95: 10-12: Light yellowish green colour seed: 8. It does not grow well in the waterlogged, saline soil and alkaline soils. Environments E-6 was the best for yield and its components while Environment E-1was the lowest for yield and its components. Only ferulic. Yij is the variety mean of the ith variety at the jth environment, µ1 is the ith variety mean over all environments, β1 is the regression coefficient that measures the response of the ith variety to varying environments, δij is the deviation from regression of the ith variety at the jth environment, and Ij is the environmental index. The corresponding author is fully responsible for any disputes arising due to the publication of his/her manuscript. Authors agree to abide by the objective comments of referees and do agree to modify the article into a short note as per the recommendation, for publication in the Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding. Evolving short duration varieties suitable for rice follow condition ADT 3 18 develop high yielding varieties of Green gram and Black gram by breeding. M., Gajanan, D.K., Arunkumar, B., Salimath, P.M. 2012. This result was further supported by, The genotype RBU-1012 had non-signicant bi and, than the general mean for the character 100 seed, weight, this genotype could be considered as the, most stable genotype followed by IPU02-1 for 100. 14 May 2017 Available Online: 10 June 2017 Article Info . estimate of the desired stability parameters. under transplanted condition. The Vamban 1 is a high yielding variety and is also tolerant of YMV. The pooled analysis of variance due to genotypes was found highly significant for all the characters indicating genetic variability among the genotypes. Evolving medium duration high yielding varieties for dry land cultivation: Co5 black gram. In, E-3, only plant height at maturity was found to be, while the remaining characters were found to, and seed yield per plant were found to be non-, significant while the remaining characters were, found to be signicant and in E-6, all the characters, were found to be signicant except 100 seed, The character wise pooled analysis of variance, component and variance ratio due to G x E, for 100 seed weight and the rest were found to be, In the present study stability parameters such as, and Russell (1966) were considered to explain and, required minimum number of days to maturity, were considered to be unpredictable for stability, The genotypes PantU-19 had higher mean value, greater than the general mean, bi greater than unity. We adopt green policy for publication and publish all articles, book chapters and books electronically at kg/ha) exhibited the stable performance over the locations. Most of the varieties show great degree of genotype x environment interactions for most desirable characters. Fourteen genotypes were used during, the experiments. analysis for grain yield in black gram (Vigna mungo L.). 4) Journal of Geographical Studies - Senthil, K.N., Chinna, GPSK. It was possible to substitute 70.7% of wheat flour of an original formulation for blends of DSF and OB obtaining products with good acceptability. ICAR RC for neh region, a.p-centre, basar, Arunachal pradesh, School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development, Medziphema- 797106. Field experiment was conducted using fourteen genotypes of black gram during kharif season, 2009 and 2010. 74(3):337–343 Simple phenolic acid levels were determined on pooled millstreams of five different classes of Canadian wheat milled to ~75, 80, and 85% extraction. Each genotype, rows of 2 m each with a spacing of 30 cm row to, from each plot in each replication under each. The Stability for seed yield in black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper). But their performance was unpredictable Black gram is grown throughout India. environment in the expression of these traits. and techniques used in disciplines like conventional, molecular, physiological and biometrical- statistical analysis in plant and animal breeding, etc. maturity (cm),out of fourteen genotypes Pant U-35, below unity revealing that plant height was closely, associated with both favourable and unfavourable, environmental conditions. The action of maltodextrins as potential texture improver was also, Wheat products, including whole grain wheat, shredded wheat cereal, whole wheat flour and bread, and refined white flour and bread were blended with methanol to extract bromoxynil octanoate [[(3,5-di-bromo-4-octanoyl)oxy]benzonitrile] and benzoylprop ethyl [ethyl N-benzoyl-N-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-aminopropionate] from the samples. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Online ISSN : 2230-732X. ), where,signicant dierences between the genotypes, On the basis of stability parameters, for days, genotype under favourable environment. All rights reserved, pulse in phosphoric acid, being 5 to 10 times richer, crop, by Singh). The article is exclusive for this journal, and the results reported here have not been sent (and will not be sent during its consideration by this journal) for publication in any other journal. In general, PCV were higher than the corresponding GCV values for all the characters, suggesting the influence of environment in the expression of these traits. Apart from above varieties, Krishnaiah (LBG 17), Teja LBG 20), Prabhava (LBG 402), LBG 17, LBG-611, LBG 623, LBG 709, LBG 648, LBG 752 and LBG 685 were identified in Black gram as suitable varieties to this zone and recommended for cultivation. (1) The maximum viscosity and breakdown of polished rice flours showed approximately twice as large as those of wheat flour. Most, stable genotype in case of plant height at maturity, under favourable environment for cluster per, stable genotypes against all the environments for, pods per plant, RBU1012 and KU323 were stable, for 100 seed weight. It, is commonly used in the form of fermented food, such as idli, dosa,papad, and other regional foods, in India. arvense), grass pea or … For all the characters under studied, the value, significant differences were observed between, the environments except for the characters 100, seed weight (gm.) The information on screening of black gram varieties for resistance against pink pod borer under Junagadh condition is meager and hence, the present investigation was carried out at Junagadh. • Genetic variability among the genotypes was indicated by the pooled analysis of variance due to genotypes. The address of the organization where the research was conducted is given. The selected genotypes may be utilized in Vigna radiata improvement programme at targeted location with true type of breeding lines. MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials Seeds of eight high-yielding varieties of chickpea (Cicer arietinum}\ namely, C-235, H-208, H-78-65, H-77-66, H-76-67, H-75-35, H-81-73 and H-82-2 and four of black gram (Vigna mungo); namely, T-9, UH-80-7, Pant-U-30 and Pant-U-19, were obtained from the Department of Plant Breeding, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India. Publisher, Oxford & IBH, Original from, Cornell Therefore, main emphasis should be given on these traits during phenotypic selection for developing high yielding genotypes of green gram. Black grain is grown throughout India.

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