Feature: Composite reliability roh_A bootstrap results Feature: PLS-POS: Option to use the FIMIX-PLS segmentation result as starting partition Feature: PLS-POS: … I am running PLS SEM and has come across this situation. Kindly give your expert opinion. Composite Reliability (CR) lebih baik dalam mengukur internal consistency dibandingkan Cronbach’s Alpha dalam SEM karena CR tidak mengasumsikan kesamaan bobot dari setiap indikator. Estimation of composite reliability for congeneric measures. Dimana nilai standar loading berasal dari nilai standardized loading untuk tiap-tiap indikator (hasil output AMOS, Lisrel). Composite reliability (sometimes called construct reliability) is a measure of internal consistency in scale items, much like Cronbach’s alpha (Netemeyer, 2003).. Sedangkan eror (e) berasal dari measurement eror dari masing-masing indikator : (1- Loading 2). As per Gaskin, this is mentioned in some scholarly works.He further mentioned that the Composite Reliability establishes that the constuct can be retained even when AVE is less that .5. Dropping indicators further is not possible. Partial Least Squares (PLS) focuses on the prediction of a specific set of hypothesized relationships that maximizes the explained variance in the dependent variables (Hair, Ringle, & Sarstedt, 2011). Table 2 – Reliability and Convergent Validity Measures Construct Indicator Indicator loadings Cronbach Alpha Composite Reliability AVE CB-SEM PLS - SEM CB-SEM PLS - SEM CB-SEM PLS - SEM CB-SEM PLS - SEM Attention and Interest in Terrorism in Media V1 0.86 0.87 0.95 0.95 0.96 0.75 0.79 V2 0.92 0.91 V3 0.92 0.91 V4 0.86 0.89 Because indicators are not equally reliable, composite reliability, which is weighted, is more accurate then Cronbach alpha (unweighted), and therefore CR should be assessed and reported (Hair et al., 2019). According to Hair, Hult, Ringle, and Sarstedt (2014) the minimum composite reliability value in the PLS-SEM analysis should exceed 0.7. According to Hair, Hult, Ringle, and Sarstedt (2014) the minimum composite reliability value in the PLS-SEM analysis should exceed 0.7. PLS-Graph reports composite reliability (CR) and average variance extracted (AVE) for content validity and discriminant validity. Sample size. (1997). Reliability and Validity >. Raykov, Tenko. The above list provides an overview of points to consider when deciding whether PLS is an appropriate SEM method for a study. Note that internal consistency reliability, including both Cronbach alpha and composite reliability, can be too high. Applied Psychological Measurement, 21(2), 173-184. Cronbach’s Alpha cenderung menaksir lebih rendah construct reliability dibandingkan Composite Reliability (CR). It can be thought of as being equal to the total amount of true score variance relative to the total scale score variance (Brunner & Süß, 2005). Nilai batas (cut off) uji construct reliability diterima apabila nilainya > 0.70, namun jika penelitian masih bersifat eksplanatori nilai di bawah 0.7 masih diterima.

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