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The One- Swat/Stunts, Gary Hymes/Sony Pictures
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- Daredevil/Fight, Gary Jensen/Dimension Films
Dolomite 2000- Rigging/Acro Wirework, Roberto Lopez/Xenon Entertainment
The Ghost- Fight, Koichi Sakamoto/2nd Unit Director
Swing City- 2nd Unit Director/Fight(NYC), Wayne Cheo/Swing City Productions
Fireworks- Burn/Acro wirework/Rigging(NYC), Roberto Lopez/Firework Productions
Manhattan Chase- Co-Star/Stunts (sc)-NYC, Godfrey Ho/Grand Well Productions
Waldo Walker- Rigger(sc)-NYC, Wally Walker/Miramax
The Cutoff- Lead/Fights, Art Camacho/Screen Action Productions
Domain- Lead/18′ fall, 980 degree spin/Rigging, Marcos Miranda/Street Films
Absolute Aggression- Co-Star/Stunts(sc), Chris Ingvordsen/Amsell Entertainment
Edge- Co-Star/Motorcycle stunts(sc)(VA), Brian Harty/AML Productions
The Last Dragon- Stunts, Ron Van Cleef/Tri-Star

Films in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Morocco:

Trinity Goes East- Lead/Stunts/dbl.header-50 ft., Robert Tai/Golden Lion Productions
Once Upon a Time in China,Pt.1- Supporting Lead/Stunts, Tsui Hark/Golden Harvest
Operation Condor- Gunman/Stunts/Fight, Jackie Chan/Miramax Films
Dadah Connection- Lead/Stunts/Acro reactions, Alexander Lo/Sunny Films
Death Cage- Lead/Stunts/Acro reactions, Robert Tai/Golden Lion Productions
Blood Games- Lead/Fight-thru plate glass, Irvin Johnson/Davian Films
King of the Kickboxers- Gunman/Fight, Tony Leung/Seasonal Films
Angel Terminators- Gunman/Fight/Acro reactions, Wai Lee/Goodwell Films
Lethal Panther- Fighter/Acro reactions, Godfrey Ho/Films Well
Madam Princess- Gunman/Acro reactions, Godfrey Ho/Grand Well Films
Live Hard- Stunts/Fight, Godfrey Ho 2nd Unit/Top Sun Films
The Middle Man- Fights/bldg. to bldg. jump 40 stories, Lee Ghin Sun/D&B Films
Outlaw Brothers- Bodyguard/Fight/2 wheel car stunt, Frankie Chan/Always Good Prods.
Dragon Head- Supporting Lead/Fight, Wong Chen Yeung/JIAS Films
Spy Games- Comedic Pratfalls, David Wu/Film Workshop
Forsaken Cop- Gunman/Fights, Chen Gwun Tai/J&J Films
Casino Raiders- Gunman, Jim Heurng/Winns Film/Impact

The District- Purse Snatcher/Stunts, Dennis Scott/Lifetime Cable
Martial Law- Fights w/Sammo and Chuck Norris, Jeff Cadiente/CBS-TV
Buffy The Vampire Slayer- Double Spike,Demons & Vampires, John Medlen,Jeff Pruitt
Upright Citizens Brigade- Stunts, multi-episodes(sc), Comedy Central
Dellaventura- Knife fight, Danny Aiello lll/CBS-TV
Oz- Fight, George Aguilar/HBO Series
Martial Arts World- Host/Sport Docu-Series, Madison Square Garden Network
David Letterman- Stupid Human Trick, NBC-TV
The Equalizer(Mama’s Boy)- Stunt double/lead actor, Harry Madsen/CBS

Tiger Shulman’s Karate- Fight Choreography, Brenden Kelly/FOX-East Coast

Stella Adler Conservatory, NYC, Scene Study, Script Interpretation
The Roger Henricks Simon Studio, NYC, Actor, Writer, Director Workshop

Auto-Precision Driving, Motorcycles- Road & off-road racing, wheelies, hole shots, etc. Action and Fight Choreography; Boxing – Martial Arts – Street & Weapons

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